Urbane Dame was born out of the love of fashion and self-expression. My goal is to help people find an authentic style that fits their personality and budget. From full wardrobe revamps to simple makeup tips, I can help you become a more confident, stylish you.

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Fashion Consulting

Maybe you are going back to the work force. Maybe you are meeting your in-laws for the first time. Or maybe you just want a new, fresh everyday look. Whatever it is you're looking for, I can help you find it.

By looking at what you currently have and what you can get rid of, we will know what you need. From there we will talk about your budget and your ideas. I can even go shopping for you to be sure you get exactly what you had in mind.

Personal Shopping

Just don't like to shop? No problem. Personal shopping is my passion! Send me out on any shopping mission, big or small, and I promise to bring back things that are perfect for you.


  • Personal shopping - $100 per hour
  • Fashion Consulting - $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
  • $0.40 per mile including round trip.
  • A 48 hour cancellation notice is required.
  • $100 non-refundable deposit.
  • All major credit cards accepted.

Special Event Hair

Please note all wedding hair prices will increase in 2013.

Whatever the occasion, Urbane Dame can give you perfect hair. I can come to you by providing on-site styling.


  • Hair consultation at salon or in home - $50
  • On-site event hair styling - $100 per person.
  • $0.40 per mile including round trip.
  • Half of total cost is due at your consultation or shortly thereafter to reserve your date. This is a non-refundable deposit.
  • A 48 hour cancellation notice is required.
  • Minimum requirement of three services for on-site and special events. Can be combined with Hair Styling services
  • All major credit cards accepted.


About & Contact

Fashion, and the overall appreciation for beauty, is my passion. Ever since I was young, I knew it was my calling - I just can't imagine my life without it. This is the type of passion I hope to share with every client. I firmly believe that if you give someone the right tools, you can make a masterpiece.


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A wardrobe without direction or focus can be overwhelming and frustrating. Urbane Dame can help you pull it all together.

All fashion consulting and personal shopping services are $75/hour.

Normally priced at $100 per hour.

Offer good January 1st through September 1st


“Not only is Andrea an amazing friend, she is an amazing hair stylist and wardrobe stylist, too! She helped me to weed out all the clutter in my wardrobe that I had been hanging onto for years. She has an eye for what works and what doesn't, and helps you to see that vision right away. I am excited now to go and shop and feel I had quite a breakthrough with my compulsive shopping habits! Thank you so much!”
Callie Belo

“You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it great!!! Partner with Urbane Dame to present your best unique self for any occasion!

Andrea studies fashion and visits Paris annually. She knows what is trending out and what to be expecting. She knows the difference between trending and tacky. With Andrea’s help, you can establish a good base for your wardrobe and build with accent pieces going forward. She will recommend alterations to look your best as well!

I have worked with Andrea several times over the past year and have noticed a huge difference in my ability to make my wardrobe work for me. Andrea listens to your likes and dislikes and makes a point to understand your wardrobe goals. There are so many fashion choices, so many trends… so, it is wise to make choices that will last several seasons.

You may have a different style and that’s great! I wish I could wear a different style all of the time, but my business and evening presentation is most important to me right now. With Andrea’s help, I am learning how to make my figure look better… and don’t we all want that!!! She can evaluate your goals and your wardrobe to create a plan for the future.

Male or female, whatever your style, you don’t have to spend hours shopping for clothes you may not be wearing next year. Stop wasting money on accessories that you will only wear with a couple of things. Make your wardrobe work!!! Partner with Urbane Dame and get it right the first time!!”
Sales and Marketing Professional

“What a cleansing experience! Andrea helped me to take stock of my current wardrobe & determine what I needed most. We then hit the mall and I benefited from her shopping expertise. Andrea has an exceptional talent for putting together a fun, functional wardrobe”
Megan, Denver CO

“When I got married I didn't trust anyone but Andrea for hair. I booked myself and all of my bridesmaids on my wedding day. Andrea is very in tune to my individual style and did a phenomenal job. I was so happy with my hair in all of my wedding photos. Last spring I was working on a big runway fashion show and the make-up artists that we had booked did not work out. I immediately thought of Andrea. She stepped up to the plate and worked all day the day of the event to get our models runway ready. They looked spectacular. Andrea has excellent style and conducts business with the utmost professsionalism.”
Jenny Baker-Strasburg

“Andrea played an important role in making our wedding beautiful. Even though I was aware of her abilities, one just has to experience them to fully understand the transforming power of a great stylist. There are not enough words to describe what a great job she did. A consummate professional (with an excellent sense of style), Andrea arrived fully prepared and made us BEAUTIFUL in no time at all. We love her! Not only did our hair and makeup look perfect for the occasion, she also brought a calm and ease to the pre-wedding process. There's nothing like being surrounded by people you love and trust at your wedding, Andrea was very much a part of making our day wonderful.”
Lorisa Neff-Harrell

“Andy was absolutely amazing to work with! She made me look fabulous on my wedding day - the hair and makeup was perfect! All my girls looked great with fun, hip up-dos....And we all have very different types of hair and Andy whipped us all up in no time. The makeup was to die for - I got compliments all night on both. She is well worth every penny.”
Katie Milosovich

“For my wedding Andrea was a must have. She is calm, cool, collect and has an eye for styling hair, fashion and make up. She made me and all my bridesmaids look unique and beautiful. We were all so happy with her and looked fantastic for my wedding. I heart Andrea and Urbane Dame :)”
Carrie Kayl Castilian

“Being short, I have a hard time finding anything that fits. Everything is too long. Andrea and I went shopping, and she recommended that I try skinny jeans and tucking in shirts/blouses. For shirts/sweaters that could not be tucked in, she recommended that I not fold them up around my waist. I'd always avoided doing the above because I thought that I looked fat. Done properly and with some alterations, the effect was quite the contrary. One of my co-workers asked if I had lost weight because I looked a lot slimmer. I highly recommend Urbane Dame.”
Rena Maez

“Wow... who needs Stacy and Clinton when you got Andrea?! I've desparately needed help to get out of my "old" style rut, but was helpless without an eye for it on my own. Andrea is gradually transforming me into a new, hip, 'in-style' chick, breaking me out of old shopping patterns and expanding the vision I see of myself. Thanks Andrea!! Looking forward to more.”
DLana Loos

“Andrea was the perfect person to help me snazz up my style with a limited budget. She is super hip and fun to work with. Can't wait to hire her again!”
Jennifer Faber

“If you are hesitant to invest in a wardrobe consultant, preferring to buy an extra item instead... think again!!! Learning to build a smart functional stylish wardrobe is a skill, a process. Having a coach advising you prevents you from making typical mistakes like buying those boots you love, but having very to little to work well with them or worse purchasing boots 2x the price you could have spent had you known where to go. Urbane Dame can help you save money by teaching you how to lay the groundwork for a wardrobe that you do not have to replace every year. Remember!!!... there are tons of retailers in the market competing for your dollar! Make sure you are investing in the right places for the long run!Partnering with Urbane Dame is the smart choice!"”
Olivia Kayler

The End.